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"Now over 900,000 military pages indexed and ranked in order of popularity."
Defense Link - U.S. Department of Defense
International Security Policy & Military Affairs: Information Sources / Columbia
Military Education and Research Library Network (MERLN)
Gateway to the libraries of fourteen military libraries. At the present time (2/00) the library catalogs for the Marine Corps University Research Center, the Marshall Center, the US Coast Guard Academy, and the US Naval Academy cannot be directly searched from this gateway.
Security and Intelligence Internet Resources / CASIS [Canadian Assn. for Security and Intelligence Studies]
World At War
Potential world conflicts that exist around the world. [CDI]
AJAX: U.S. and International Government Military and Intelligence Agencies Access
Armed Forces of the World / Information Resource Centre Canadian Forces College, Department of National Defence (Canada)
Arms Trade Revealed: A Guide for Investigators and Analysts / Lumpe and Donarkski
Center for Defense Information
"CDI is a non-profit public interest research group seeking to inform the public, Congress, and the media about U.S. military policies, budgets, weapons, forces, and overseas presence."
Center for Security Policy
"The Center for Security Policy exists as a non-profit, non-partisan organization to stimulate and inform the national and international debate about all aspects of security policy, notably those policies bearing on the foreign, defense, economic, financial and technology interests of the United States."
Central Intelligence Agency
Director of Central Intelligence Annual Report for the U.S. Intelligence Community
CIA Publications / [February, 2002]
Directorate of Intelligence / CIA
Annual Report for the United States Intelligence Community (Federation of American Scientists)
CIA Website "Annual Report"
CISAC - Center For International Security and Cooperation / Stanford
Cold War Links / UCUSD
CrisisWeb / ICG
The International Crisis Group (ICG) is a private, multinational organisation, with over 75 staff members on four continents, working through field-based analysis and high-level advocacy to prevent and contain conflict. See below for ICG′s latest publications.
DOD Dictionary of Military Terms
ELDIS - Electronic Development and Evnironment Information System
INCORE Internet Country Guide
"...guides available for conflict hot spots in Africa, Europe, and Asia."
Declassified Intelligence Satellite Photographs
Defense Almanac - DOD
Defense Information Systems Agency - US
Defense Intelligence Agency - DOD
Defense Department′s Annual Reports
DefenseNews Online
"The independent, authoritative newsweekly of the international defense community, Defense News, invites you to scan the top news, read newsmaker interviews, download compelling images and text files, engage in bulletin board discussions and link to other great defense sites and news sources."
Defense Technical Reference Center - U.S.
DOE Defense Programs
The High Energy Weapons Archive: A Guide to Nuclear Weapons
Nuclear weapons are arguably the most destructive force invented by humans. The High Energy Weapons Archive has material on the history of their development, post World War II testing, and country-specific nuclear programs. There are facts about countries that could soon have nuclear weapon technology, including Iraq and Israel. From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2002.
Hot Topics / Inst. for Intl. Economics
China & the West, Dollarization, Economic Sanctions, Globalization and the WTO, etc.
Factbook of Intelligence - CIA
Intelligence & Counter-Intelligence Links
Intelligence Links / Yahoo
Intelligence Links / Loyola
Intelligence Community, U.S. - selective guide to library and Internet resources for conducting research on U.S. intelligence agencies. [Columbia University]
Intellience on the Web / Federation of American Scientists
World Intelligence and Security Agencies / Federation of American Scientists
Jane′s Information Group
Jane′s Internet Defense Glossary
Landmines Page/ ICRC
International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL)
UN Land Mine Page
Safe-Lane / Anti-Personnel Mine Issue / Canada
Military Links / Yahoo
National Counterintelligence Center
National Defense University / Washington D.C.
National Security Agency
U.S. National Security Agency Declassified / Electronic Briefing Book
"...offers a peek inside the creation, evolution, and management of the National Security Agency (NSA).
National Security Archives
"The National Security Archive is an independent non-governmental research institute and library located at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. The Archive collects and publishes declassified documents acquired through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)."
National Security Council
National Security/Heritage Foundation
Peacekeeping Links / Lester B. Pearson Canadian Intl.l Peacekeeping Training Center
Peace Keeping Citation List - CDI
"...biweekly list of recent publications on ′peacekeeping and multilateral military operation.′ This excellent current-awareness resources on the topic of peacekeeping features congressional hearings and reports, US government publications, periodical and journal articles, press releases and speeches, organizations, and conferences." Scout Report, 7/18/1997.
Peacekeeping and Related Operations Resources / U of New Brunswick
Project on Defense Alternatives
"The Project on Defense Alternatives (PDA) seeks to adapt military policy to the circumstances of the post-Cold War era. To that end it develops pragmatic, cost-effective defense policy options that support progress toward more cooperative means of attaining security. PDA offers critical analysis of US policy as well as that of other nations and devises detailed alternative policy options. Many PDA studies and reports are available online."
Quadrennial Defense Review / Sec. of Defense, 5/19/97.
Sources eJournal
"An e-journal for spies, counterspies, double agents and people who thrive on conspiracy but missed the Cold War. Interviews with ex-CIA agents, articles on "information warfare," and the tracking of international arms sales by the Reagan White House make this site a must for anyone who prefers to be more informed by Washington than by Hollywood." WIC
Strategic Intelligence Links / Loyola College
Strategic Studies Institute / U.S. Army
Think dealing with military issues, national security policy, and world politics.
Terrorism Links
Bioterror - includes history of germ warfare, making vaccines (hot science), and global guide to bioweapons. / PBS-NOVA
Center for Defense Information - Terrorism Project
CDC: Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response
Countering the Changing Threat of International Terrorism / National Commission on Terrorism report (6/5/2000)
Johns Hopkins University: Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies
New World Coming: American Security in the 21st Century Major Thems and Implications - Report
Terrorism Law and Policy / U Pittsburgh
International Policy Institute for Counter-terrorism [Israel]
Terrorism Research Center [Links to other sources]
Terrorist Group Profiles [Naval Postgraduate School]
Terrorists, Freedom Fighters, Crusaders, Propagandists, and Mercenaries on the Net
U.S.Commission on National Security/21st Century
U.S. Department of State - Counterterrorism
U.S. Department of State: Patterns of Global Terrorism
U.S. Department of State: Response to Terrorism
World Trade Center & Pentagon Attack 9/11/01 / Yahoo
US National Military Strategy 1997 / Joint Chiefs of Staff
Joint Chiefs of Staff
U.S. Air Force - Official Site
Air Chronicles
U.S. Army
U.S. Navy Department
U.S. Marine Corps
U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Intelligence Community - Websites
War, Peace and Security World Wide Web Server - Canadian Forces College
Weapons Proliferation Issues / U Pittsburgh
US Arms Control and International Security / US State Dept
Chemical and Biological Weapons Resources /Center for Nonproliferation Studies, U of Monterey
Chemical Weapons Convention
Information on chemical weapons, chemical protection and the Chemical Weapons Convention.
Chemical Weapons Convention
At this website the Technical Secretariat of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons provides information on the Chemical Weapons Convention but also on other issues relating to toxic chemicals and chemical protection.
Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute
Chemical and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Project [Stimson Organization]
Domesday Clock - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
This website is developed and maintained by the Public Information Section of the Legal and External Relations Division of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization .
Federation of American Scientists
The Federation of American Scientists is engaged in analysis and advocacy on science, technology and public policy concerning global security.
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Nuclear History Files - Documents from the National Security Archives
Includes: The United States and the Chinese Nuclear Program, 1960-1964; Companion documents to Winter 2000/2001 edition of International Security; The Chinese Nuclear Weapons Program; Problems of intelligence collection and analysis, 1964-1972; U.S. Nuclear Weapons Deployments in Chichi Jima and Iwo Jima; United States Secretly Deployed Nuclear Bombs In 27 Countries and Territories During the Cold War; New Archival Evidence on Taiwanese "Nuclear Intentions", 1966-1976; U.S. Nuclear Weapons and Okinawa; Israel and the Bomb; The U.S. Atomic Energy Detection System (AEDS); India and Pakistan -- On the Nuclear Threshold
Nuclear Files Archive
"You can access this site chronologically or by focusing on issue areas.  Among others, the issue areas cover nuclear weapons accidents, the likelihood of an accidental nuclear war, the predicaments of nuclear strategy, nuclear policy making, and nuclear ethics, efforts of arms control and disarmament, the problems of nuclear proliferation as well as ballistic missile defense. Read important documents and treaties. Read the biographies of key scientists, politicians, and peace leaders, share their thoughts, and listen to their voices."
U.N. Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Information and Full Text
"Where They Were"
Companion Page to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists November/December 1999 Issue with links to full article that reveals where the U.S. stored nuclear weapons 1945-1977.
World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers
MoJo Wire Action Atlas on US Arms Sales / Mother Jones