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Rhodes Library - Political Science, International Affairs Electronic Journals List
Hotlinks to political science and international affairs e-journals with a description of each journal and dates of coverage.
Google News
Online Newspapers through Newsbank [Rhodes license]
Includes Global Newsbank -
News articles covering politics, economics, culture, business, science, technology, and the environment from Africa, Asia, Europe, the former Soviet Union, the Pacific Rim, Central and South America, and the Middle East. All articles are in English and are from over 1000 translated broadcasts, news agency transmissions, wire services, newspapers, magazines and government documents.
Online Newspapers of the World
Online Newspapers / Internet Public Library
Newspapers - US and Worldwide / refdesk
World Newspapers - NewsDirectory
World Newspapers / start4all
World Newspapers / Newslink
World Press Review Online
For more than 30 years, World Press Review has been the only English-language magazine giving readers a first-hand look at the issues and debates that occupy the world’s newspapers and magazines.
Avalon Project / Yale Law School
"...′seeks to mount digital documents relevant to the fields of Law, History, Economics, Politics, Diplomacy and Government.′"
Archive of Historic Texts and Documents
Online Newspapers
BBC World News
Scholarly Journals on the Web
"Orientation is developing a series of regional and country Internet portals, which share common technology, design and navigation, but with content that is uniquely individual to the region or country it serves. Currently Orientation offers regional services for Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Oceania, and Latin America & the Caribbean. Orientation is also working with local country partners across five continents to develop country and metro Orientation gateways, operating as separate entities but encompassed within the global view of Orientation."
Worldwide News Index / Austria
Yahoo Country Links

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Selected Titles Available (some abridged) through the WWW

American Prospect Online
"The aim of The American Prospect is to contribute to a renewal of America′s democratic traditions by presenting a practical and convincing vision of liberal philosophy, politics, and public life. We publish articles for the general reader that attempt to break through conventional understanding and creatively reframe public questions."
Background Briefings / European Commission
"Background Briefings have been designed to explain important aspects of the European Union and its policies. Many of these short summaries contain links to more detailed texts, other websites or other sources of information."
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity
Brookings Review
Brookings Institution Policy Briefs
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments / CIA
Search World Factbook / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook
CIA Maps & Publications Released to the Public
Chicago Council of Foreign Relations - "American Public Opinion and U.S. Foreign Policy 1999"
CNN World News
Comparative Connections - East Asian Bilateral Relations E-Journal
CovertAction Quarterly
Daily Global News - Overseas Security Advisory
The Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) was established in 1985 by the U.S. Department of State to foster the exchange of security related information between the U.S. Government and American private sector operating abroad.
Factbook of Intelligence - CIA
Foreign Policy in Focus
"These briefs are designed to provide the latest research and analysis on timely subjects in accessible formats. They are written by regional or issue specialists, and they explore current foreign policy debates. As well as documenting the problems of current policies, In Focus briefs offer recommendations for alternative policy directions that would make the United States a more responsible global partner. "
FT- Financial Times/London
A week-day news summary, plus leading articles, etc. - lots of technology news.
Injustice Studies [Critical Analysis of International Injustices]
Intelligence Online (in French)
"Ce site est un outil professionnel destiné aux diplomates, responsables politiques et militaires, chefs de la sécurité dans les entreprises et universitaires, qui s′intéressent aux questions de renseignement, à l′intelligence économique et à la politique internationale."
International Monetary Fund Publications
International Negotiation: A Journal of Theory and Practice / TOC & Abstracts
Jane′s Online
Journal of Electronic Defense
Journal of Humanitarian Assistance
"The purpose of the Journal is to bring together academics, policy makers and practitioners in the field of humanitarian assistance and will encompass all aspects of humanitarian assistance, from early warning to the transition to development, including: law, politics, the military, logistics, and the work of national and international organizations."
Marxism Page
Soldiers Magazine - Official Magazine of the U.S. Army
Sources eJournal
"An e-journal for spies, counterspies, double agents and people who thrive on conspiracy but missed the Cold War. Interviews with ex-CIA agents, articles on "information warfare," and the tracking of international arms sales by the Reagan White House make this site a must for anyone who prefers to be more informed by Washington than by Hollywood." WIC
Spotlight on Military News / Canadian Forces College
This Week in Europe / European Commission
"...weekly summary of political, social, and economic developments in the European Union." Scout Report, 4/4/99.
United Nations Chronicle Online Edition
Subscription-based but some articles from current edition and back issues are available without charge.
United Nations News
UN Wire / Daily News Summary
U.S. Department of State
Includes links to "Dispatch Magazine" and "State Magazine."
Volcans Central America and the Caribbean. International News
Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents / National Archives
The Weekly Defense Monitor / Center for Defence Information
World Bank Publications
World Bank Research Observer (TOC)
World Book Economic Review (TOC)
World Press Review
Flags of All Countries
Flags of the World Links / Yahoo
Flags of the World / US Mirror