Postgrad & Career


Class of 2005 Post-Graduation Survey


Each year, the office of Career Services conducts a survey to determine the post-graduation plans of the graduating class. Graduating seniors were given an opportunity to complete the survey on-line prior to graduation. Additional information was collected throughout the year.

On June 21, 2006, the Career Services staff held a phone-a-thon in an effort to reach approximately 199 alumni who had not completed the survey.

Of the 311 graduates in the class of 2005, 278 surveys were complete enough to use for the study. This number represents an 89.4% response rate.

   Number Percentage 
 Usable Records  278  89.4%
 Full-time Employment  120  43.2%
 Graduate School  110  39.7%
 Both*  14  5.0%
 Temporary Employment**   9  3.3%
 Volunteer  6  2.2%
 Other***  19  6.8%

* "Both" refers to those who are attending a graduate/professional program on a full-time basis while working in a full-time position.

** "Temporary employment" refers to non-career positions. It should be noted that some students choose temporary employment options prior to making a commitment to a full-time position or graduate program.

*** "Other" refers to students who were in the job search process but had not made a commitment at the time of the survey. It also includes those who are traveling, pursuing a second BS/BA, not working due to illness, or taking classes but not enrolled full-time in a graduate program.

Graduate School Acceptance

International Studies

 Nova Southeastern*  MBA  Florida
 St. Louis University*  JD  Missouri
 University of Chicago*  MPP Public Policy  Illinois
 University of Wyoming Law School*  JD  Wyoming
 Georgetown University  MPP Public Policy  
 George Washington University  MPP Public Policy  
 St. Thomas University  MBA  
 Thayer University  MBA  
 University of Miami  MBA  

International Studies/PoliSci
 College of Law*  JD  Texas
 Texas A&M*   MA Texas 
 Samford University*  JD Alabama 
 Gonzaga University  JD  
 Mississippi College  JD  
 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville  JD  
 University of Arkansas, Little Rock  JD  
 University of Chicago  MA  

International Studies/Economics
 Washington & Lee University*  JD Virginia 

* denotes student attending graduate program.  The other schools listd accepted students who chose not to attend

Full-time Employment

International Studies
 Argosy University  Assistant Director of Admissions  Washington, DC
 Binational Fulbright Commission  Fulbright Scholar  JORDAN
 Financial Funding Services, Inc.  Loan Officer  Florida
 Institute of International Finance  Events Research and Registration  Washington, DC
 JET  Assistant Language Teacher  JAPAN
 Lawrence & Russell law firm*  Case Manager  Tennessee
 Leagas Delaney Advertising Agency  Planner  ENGLAND
 MLU Services, Inc.    
 Operation New Birmingham  Financial Incentives Specialist  Alabama
 Teach for America  Teacher  Texas
 U.S. Bank    Minnesota

International Studies/PoliSci
 Luckie and Company Advertising  Assistant Media Planner  Alabama