Jae H. Shin | Assistant Professor
Office: Buckman 113 | Phone: (901) 843-3823 | Email: shinj@rhodes.edu


My primary research and teaching interests lie in Asian politics, electoral systems, parties, and legislative politics.

My dissertation, entitled Electoral System Choice and Personalistic
Parties in New Democracies, examines the reasons for differences in
electoral institutions and party development in new democracies. I
investigate why, in periods of transition to democracy, political
leaders sometimes choose candidate-centered electoral rules, which tend
to foster personalistic parties, undermining party discipline and
loyalty and spurring pork barrel politics. To address that question, I
examine three new democracies in Asia - the Philippines, Indonesia, and
South Korea - and test the general applicability of the findings using a
larger dataset of emerging democracies.

Other research and teaching interests include redistributive politics,
executive-legislative relations, and political and economic development.