Nuray Ibryamova | Assistant Professor
Office: 118 Buckman Hall | Phone: (901) 843-3825 | Email:


Professor Ibryamova′s CV  (PDF)


My principal teaching interests are at the intersection of international relations, comparative politics, and EU studies. I offer a variety of courses, ranging from Introduction to International Relations through courses on the politics and policies of European states to Senior Tutorial. In all my courses, I encourage the accumulation of knowledge, development of critical thinking skills, and writing abilities. At the end of the each semester, I expect students to be aware of the major problems and policy challenges and be able to analyze them using the conceptual and theoretical tools they have acquired.


My teaching interests are reflected in my research agenda. I have three major research topics. The first of these is the causes and consequences of European Union enlargement, including such issues as the politics of enlargement and the development of membership conditionality. Second, I work on the role that Central and East European countries play within the European Union. One of my major research projects involves investigating whether the new EU members comply with its rules and standards, and the reasons behind the occasional artful non-compliance of some of these countries. I find that once the coveted EU membership is achieved, the governments of member states begin to give more weight to their domestic priorities than their EU commitments. Finally, I am interested in Turkey’s role in international politics, including its present and future foreign policy as well as the tension between moderate Islam and secular forces in the country. These topics reflect my interest in advancing theoretical knowledge, but also in addressing critical policy topics.


1995 - B.A., Graceland Collge, Lamoni, IA
1998 - M.A., University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY
2005 - Ph.D., University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL

  • International Studies 100 - Intro to International Relations 
  • International Studies 281 - Govt & Politics Of W Europe
  • International Studies 282 - Politics of European Integration
  • International Studies 284 - Russia and the Soviet Successor States
  • International Studies 285 - Politics of Central and Eastern Europe
  • International Studies 300 - International Relations Theory
  • International Studies 451 - International Organization
  • International Studies 485 - Senior Tutorial