Senior Paper Topics


Cody Behles: "Ethnic Separatism: Cause and Success."

Anna Valisa Berber-Thayer: "Model Behavior: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Differentiated Tourism."

Courtney Carter: "Labor Migration and Remittances: Short-Term Gain or Long-Term Pain?"

Kaitlyn Fleck: "Political Stability and Communicable Disease: The Case of Neglected Tropical Diseases."

Heather Houser: Formalizing Networks: The Management of Diaspora resources for Development in Africa."

Brent Hubbard: "Religious Homogeneity and War: Data and Analysis for 1945-2003

Benjamin Lyon: "Guerrilla Capitalism: Investment Opportunities in Failed and Fraudulent States."

Kristen Marchell: "The View from Here: The Search to Define the Relationship between Worldviews and International Politics."

Arijit Paul: "India: At the Crossroads of Economic Growth and Environmental Disaster."

Robert Phelps: "Assessing the Effect of the Surge and "Anbar Awakening" on Coalition Troop Deaths."

Melanie Sharry: "UN Resolution Voting and its Impact on US Sanctions."

Stephanie Vance: "Searching for the Point at which Radicalization Occurs: the Educational and Occupational Backgrounds of Twenty Islamist Leaders."