Alumni Updates


Chris Higgins (2002) moved to Paris with his wife in September and is working for EADS - the European aerospace and defense company that owns Airbus among other businesses. Chris works in the corporate strategy department dealing with external growth, corporate portfolio management, and strategic planning.

Allen Hodges (2005) is midway through his second year in a two year AmeriCorps program. He finished a program doing trail work with the Forest Service in Arizona at the end of last summer. Since then he has been working in Eastern Kentucky repairing sub-standard housing.

John Marshall (2000) was transferred by JP Morgan to Singapore in May 2008 and has been working in the regional office as one of four global product specialists. He was selected for the role based on his previous experience working in Japan and his knowledge of US Cash Management Products (otherwise known as Treasury Services). John met with a group from Rhodes while they were in New York on a trip led by Rhodes Professor Deborah Pittman of the Department of Business and Economics. John has enjoyed traveling throughout the region and learning about the 14 markets served by JP Morgan in Asia. He notes that if Rhodes students or alums are in Singapore, he’d be happy to meet up with them.

Brandon Nugent (2006) is still with United Airlines working at Reagan National Airport (DCA) as an Airport Operations Supervisor and Manager of Global Services. He is one of three supervisors responsible for day-to-day management of United′s presence at the airport. He also manages United′s Global Services program at DCA which coordinates movement of United’s highest yielding customers and VIP traffic such as members of Congress, foreign dignitaries, etc. Brandon has worked for airlines since his sophomore year at Rhodes, and he really likes the challenges of the fast-paced industry.

Casey Perkins (2008) started the MPP program last August, focusing on International Policy and Development. His is studying part-time while working at AARP International. There he helps organize Idea exchanges and Embassy Briefings, researches issues relating to economic security and health, and writes for the biannual journal. Casey has been at AARP International since August on a one-year contract which will end in this August when he switches to full-time studies. Casey says about studying public policy and living in DC, “My undergrad studies at Rhodes, with huge emphasis on IS studies, made me well prepared for grad school. DC is the public policy capital of the world. I have attended Obama′s historic inauguration, a few Senate hearings, and multiple think tank discussions.”

Emi Poppens (2004) is now in her second semester at New York University’s Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Health Program after working several years for AstraZeneca in pharmaceutical sales. Emi reports that she is enjoying her experience so far In conjunction with her studies, Emi has been doing some part-time research gig for the university while working at Bellevue Hospital doing research on critical care models for treatment of depression and improving outcomes in patients with comorbid chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes.