Faculty and Staff Health Trek


Are you looking for a real physical challenge or thinking about beginning an exercise program?  Then the Rhodes Faculty & Staff Health Trek is for you!

The Trek is a ten-month program that begins on September 1 and has one ultimate goal:  to help you continue or develop lifelong wellness habits.  This experience is a motivational tool where you earn wellness miles for healthy activities from flossing your teeth to running a marathon.  This year, we saw an enormous achievement as 40 members of our faculty and staff logged over 26,000 miles and 8 completed the Trek!  Now is your chance to get involved in this exciting opportunity.  Once again, we will be travelling across the state of Tennessee, granting prizes as participants reach different milestones.  For those who complete the Trek, your names will be entered into a drawing for the grand prize.

Questions?  Please contact Alexandra McMillan, HR Wellness-RSA, via campus mail or by email at hr@rhodes.edu.

Health Trek logs and information can be found on the forms page.