Employee Supplemental Life/AD&D


Full-time faculty and staff members may choose to purchase Life or AD&D coverage and pay the cost through payroll deduction.  The employee may enroll with a minimum benefit amount of $10,000 and a maximum of 5 times the employee’s annual salary, in increments of $10,000.  Life Insurance coverage up to $150,000 is available on a guaranteed basis if you enroll at your first opportunity.  If you would like Life Insurance coverage in excess of $150,000, or if you enroll after your first opportunity, you must complete a health questionnaire and UNUM must approve your coverage.  AD&D coverage is not subject to this rule, but you may only add or change coverage during Open Enrollment.

The premium for the Life Insurance coverage is based on your age.  The chart below shows the current monthly rate for $10,000 of coverage:

 Age Bands  Employee Rate
 0-29   $ .80
 30-34   $ .90
 35-39    $1.20
40-44    $1.79
 45-49   $2.83
 50-54   $4.52
 55-59   $6.98
 60-64   $10.90
 65-69   $18.82
 70-74   $33.66
 75+   $65.79

The monthly premium for AD&D coverage is $ .33 per $10,000 of coverage. 

This insurance policy is provided through UNUM Life Insurance Company.  UNUM provides options for keeping this coverage once you are no longer employed by the College.  For additional information on portability and/or conversion options please contact Human Resources.

You may learn more about this coverage by clicking here.