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The Department of History provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the historical forces that have shaped the world’s civilizations.  Studying history helps one to develop a critical perspective on the world and to understand how one’s own identity and culture relate to those of others.  The Department particularly prides itself on the diversity of its course offerings, its emphasis on faculty and student research, and the opportunities it offers for students to engage in internships in the Memphis community.

No matter what vocation a student chooses after graduation, historical study helps one to comprehend and contextualize the problems of contemporary society, while also enhancing one’s research, writing, and presentation skills.]


Congressman Steve Cohen spoke at the February 6 initiation of new members into Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society. Above, left to right, are Lanier Flanders ′15 (editor, Rhodes Historical Review), Congressman Cohen, Phoebe Strom ′14 (Phi Alpha Theta president), Jeff Warren ′14 (editor, Rhodes Historical Review), and Camilla Morrison ′14 (Phi Alpha Theta vice president).