Jackson Co-Edits New Book on Cafés


Prof. Jeff Jackson, the J.J. McComb Chair of History at Rhodes, has recently co-edited a volume on the comparative history of the café in Europe. The Thinking Space: The Café as a Cultural Institution in Paris, Italy, and Vienna (co-edited with Leona Rittner and W. Scott Haine) was recently published by Ashgate Press. Although scholars have long acknowledged the importance of the café to intellectual life, these crucial institutions have largely escaped more systematic study.

The Thinking Space brings together essays from an international group of senior scholars in history, cultural studies, literary studies, and urban studies to understand how cafés have historically shaped the cities of which they are a part and how they have contributed to some of the world′s most provocative and influential ideas. As the global economy increasingly acknowledges the importance of creativity and mobility in our own time, understanding the history of spaces which have served as idea generators can inspire a new generation of knowledge workers.

In addition to co-editing the volume, Jackson also wrote one of the essays in the collection. Jackson’s piece focuses on jazz in Parisian cafés in the 1920s and 1930s, an article that grew out of his first book, Making Jazz French: Music and Modern Life in Interwar Paris (Duke University Press, 2003).

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