Schriber Wins National Acclaim as a Writer of Historical Fiction


Dr. Carolyn P. Schriber who retired from Rhodes in 2004 has won national acclaim as a writer of historical fiction. A specialist in 12th C Normandy who offered a variety of courses in medieval history during her 15 years at Rhodes, Schriber has turned her attention to the era of the American Civil War. Her second post-retirement book, Beyond All Price, is a fictional rendering of the experiences of a real-life Union nurse, Nettie Chase. Chase was only twenty-two when she offered her services as a nurse with the 100th Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment. She learned as she went along, and became the head matron of a 600-bed military hospital in Union-occupied Nashville before the end of the war. Because the historical information on Chase was slim at various points, Schriber turned to fiction to tell Nellie’s story including a cast of actual soldiers, officers, clergy, and miscreants.

In the last month, readers have downloaded over 40,000 Kindle versions of Beyond All Price, along with a smaller number of print versions. The book remained on Amazon′s "Top 100 Best Selling Books" list for over five days this summer and for two days, it was ranked #4 (print versions) in Historical Fiction.

Schriber received the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award from the North American Booksellers Exchange for the Best Historical Fiction in the summer quarter. Beyond All Price has also been nominated as "Best Biography" by the Military Writers Society of America, an award given for portrayal of real characters in their historical setting. Schriber will travel to their annual convention in Pittsburgh this fall to learn the winner.

Beyond All Price is available locally at Booksellers at Laurelwood or from in either trade paper or Kindle versions. Schriber has established a website,, that contains book reviews, historic photographs, book summaries, and news of her next project.