Internships provide opportunities for students to connect their academic work with hands-on experience in the Memphis community. The Department offers two general types of internships.

The Public History Internship (History 360) gives majors the opportunity to apply their knowledge and love of history by working in one of three areas: Archives, Museums, or Preservation. Designed for students interested in exploring careers in public history, this internship gives students a chance to experience first-hand how historians outside of the academy practice their craft. All history-related internships carry 4 credits and fulfill the “connections” (F11) requirement.

The Internship (History 461) gives students the opportunity to apply the critical thinking, writing, and research skills they have acquired in the major by working in a variety of areas, including business, education, law, or the non-profit sector. Designed for students interested in careers not specifically related to history, this internship provides on-the-job experience to complement one’s liberal education. Students can choose any approved internship from theĀ list of academic internships maintained by the Office of Career Services. This internship carries 2 credits and does not fulfill a foundation requirement.

Please contact Prof. Huebner with any questions about the Department’s internships.