Novikoff publishes chapter on “The Middle Ages” in Antisemitism: A History


Dr. Alex J. Novikoff, Assistant Professor of Medieval History, has just published the chapter on “The Middle Ages” in Antisemitism: A History, ed. Albert Lindemann and Richard Levy (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010), pp. 63-78. This long-awaited collaborative effort presents a readable overview of a daunting topic, describing and analyzing the hatred that Jews have faced from ancient times to the present. The essays contained in this volume provide an ideal introduction to the history and nature of antisemitism, stressing readability, balance, and thematic coherence, while trying to gain some distance from the polemics and apologetics that so often cloud the subject. Chapters have been written by leading scholars in the field and take into account the most important new developments in their areas of expertise. Collectively, the chapters cover the whole history of antisemitism, from the ancient Mediterranean and the pre-Christian era, through the Medieval and Early Modern periods, to the Enlightenment and beyond.