Prof. Novikoff′s dual translation of "The Conversion of Herman the Jew" is published


Assistant Professor of Medieval History Alex Novikoff has just published a dual translation from French and Latin of the latest book by the renowned French medievalist Jean-Claude Schmitt, The Conversion of Herman the Jew: Autobiography, History, and Fiction in the Twelfth Century (Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2010). The book is a ground-breaking study of the controversial "autobiography" of a supposed convert from Judaism to Christianity and treats simultaneously the interlocking facets of medieval Jewish-Christian relations, memory and autobiography in medieval writing, and the problem of the distinction between history and fiction. Accompanying the translation of the study by Jean-Claude Schmitt is a retranslation from Latin of the twelfth-century "Autobiography" of Herman the Jew and the related Vita of Godfried of Cappenberg.