Department Welcomes Old and New Faces


The Department of History is pleased to welcome Profs. Mike LaRosa and Etty Terem back from sabbatical leave.  Prof. LaRosa spent half of the year in San Antonio, working with Joel Harris (‘03) at the new KIPP University Prep High School, and half of the year in Boston teaching at Stonehill College.  He also spent time researching writing a history of Colombia.  Upon his return to Rhodes this fall, Prof. LaRosa will be teaching History 105:  Latin America in Film and History 261:  Colonial Latin America.  Prof. Terem, meanwhile, returns after a semester of research and writing in Memphis, Boston, and Florence, Italy.  In Florence, Prof. Terem co-led a five-day international workshop in March on “Provincializing Europe?  Towards  a Local History of Maghribi Modernity.”  She returns to a busy semester at Rhodes, teaching History 275:  The Making of the Modern Middle East, History 375:  Islamic History and Civilization, and History 475:  Colonial Encounters in North Africa. 

The Department also welcomes Prof. Ben Jordan as adjunct professor.  Prof. Jordan, currently a faculty member at Christian Brothers University, will be teaching a new course, History 305:  U.S. Cities and Suburbs.