Prof. Novikoff Awarded a Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Grant for 2010-2011


Assistant Professor of Medieval History Alex Novikoff has been awarded a Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Grant for 2010-2011 entitled “Crusaders, Muslims, and Jews in the Holy Land.” The grant, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon foundation and the largest ever of its kind, involves travel to the crusader castles and other sites of historical interest in Jordan, Israel, and Cyprus in June 2010 and a follow-up seminar to take place on the campus of Rhodes in 2011. Fifteen faculty participants from six of the different “cluster” schools will participate in the travel seminar, including four members of the Rhodes faculty: Bernadette McNary-Zak and Michelle Voss-Roberts (Religious Studies), Joe Jansen (Greek and Roman Studies), and Alex Novikoff (History). A key feature of the travel portion of this project will be the opportunity to meet with scholars in all three countries to discuss the impact and meaning of the crusades in the modern world. Professor Novikoff, who wrote the grant and serves as project coordinator, describes the inter-institutional initiative as “a highly interdisciplinary and unique adventure that will benefit us all in deepening our understanding of one of the most interesting and enduring episodes in Medieval history.”