Brown will be a presenter at UC Berkeley’s Center for Chinese Studies, October 16-17


Prof. Clayton Brown, a specialist in the history of China and East Asia, will be presenting a paper titled “Making Anthropology Official: The Role of the Republic in Institutionalizing Disciplines” at a conference on Intellectuals, Professions, and Knowledge Production in Twentieth-Century China at UC Berkeley’s Center for Chinese Studies, October 16-17.

Prof. Brown’s research focuses on the development of anthropology in China and its impact on the formation of modern Chinese identity. This particular paper focuses on the Republic of China’s institutionalization and subsequent oversight of scientific disciplines such as anthropology as part of an agenda to strengthen and modernize the nation. Scholars recruited to serve the new government received their training in a variety of foreign nations and did not always agree with one another or with the government about how their work could best to serve their country. An examination of the history of the Academia Sinica, the state’s top research organization, and its problematic relationship with the Nationalist government illustrates how these scholars struggled to reconcile personal, professional and political agendas.