Information about CA′ESAR events can be found in the ′News and Events′ section of the GRS website. For more information about the club, please contact one of the officers:

President: Becky Vandewalle (vanrc)
Vice-President: Michelle Currie (curml)
Treasurer: Stephen Leavelle (lease)
Advisor: Prof. Susan Satterfield



I. Purpose

The purpose of CA’ESAR will be to encourage knowledge and interest in the classical world of Greece and Rome, as well as to provide a nurturing forum for discussion of the ancient world.

II. Membership

  1. CA’ESAR is open to all students enrolled at Rhodes College.
  2. Membership in CA’ESAR is acquired by attendance at three meetings during any semester of enrollment at the college.  A member may terminate his or her membership by notifying the Club Secretary of his or her desire.

III. Officers

  1. Nominations for the various offices of the Club will be taken two weeks before the election, and will be recorded by the Club Secretary.    All members will then be notified via e-mail of the upcoming vote, and if they cannot attend the election they will be asked to send an absentee ballot to the Club Secretary.  All members present will vote by secret ballot for officers, and the Secretary will add the ballots of those absent. 
  2. Elections for officers will be held each semester, in the third week.
  3. Officers shall include:
    1.  President, whose duties shall include:
        a. Presiding over meetings
        b. Preparing and organizing the club agenda
        c. Personal responsibility for any club property
    2.  Vice President, whose duties shall include
        a. Acting as President Pro-Tem
        b. Acting as liaison to the faculty
        c. Arranging for meeting space
        d. Advertising
    3. Treasurer, whose duties shall include
        a. Handling all financial matters of the club
        b. Maintaining regular contact with the Allocations Board chair
        c. Preparing the report each year for Allocations Board
    4. Secretary, whose duties shall include
        a. Keeping minutes for meetings
        b. Keeping an accurate roster for the club
        c. Preparing a yearly report on the activities of the club
        d. Keeping record of nominations and absentee ballots during elections
  4. Any member may request an impeachment vote.  Impeachment requires a two-thirds majority vote of the membership.  The vote will take place one week after the call for an impeachment vote.  If successfully impeached, nominations will be taken for a replacement.  One week after nominations have been taken, a special election will be held.

IV. Committees

  1. Committees may be created by CA’ESAR President as needed.  All committees will be advising bodies, and the Committee Chairperson will report their conclusions   to the Club President in written form within 48 hours of their discussion.

V. Meetings

  1. Meetings will be held once a week while the college is in session.  The President will be responsible for setting a meeting time after discussion with the Club’s membership.
  2. The President may call emergency meetings by giving members 48 hours notice if the business cannot wait.

VI. Financial

  1. The club shall not provide monetary gain, incidentally or otherwise, to its directors or members.
  2. In the event that this club dissolves, all college monies received through the Allocations Board shall be returned to the college as required by Allocations Board policy.

VII. By-Laws may be created by a majority vote of the club membership.

VIII. Amendments

  1. Any member may request a vote to alter the constitution. Amendments must be submitted in writing to the Club Secretary at least 48 hours prior to the meeting they are to be introduced.  Any amendment requires a two-thirds majority vote of active members.
  2. Amendments approved by the membership become effective at the beginning of the term following their approval.
  3. Any changes to this Constitution will be submitted to the Rhodes Student Government and the Office of Student Activities.
  4. CA’ESAR will not engage in activities which violate the Rhodes College policies delineated in the Student Handbook.