Guidelines for Cross-Listing Courses


Courses in the GSS program address the ways in which gender and sexuality are socially constructed. A course is generally considered eligible for cross-listing if it meets one or more of the following criteria in each category:

  • It incorporates the use of gender analysis and/or the critical study of sexuality as a primary approach to understanding a topic, an idea, a set of texts, an historical event, a social or political phenomenon, etc.
  • It interweaves analyses of gender and sexuality with other questions such as race, class, nation, religion, or other significant identity discourses.
  • Its critical framework is based primarily or largely on theoretical works in feminism, gender studies, sexuality studies or other critical approaches that foreground those categories named above.
  • It focuses primarily or largely on the roles, contributions, and/or representations of women or LGBTQ people and cultures, and it provides critical and theoretical frameworks for analyzing these roles, contributions and representations.

Please submit the following to the chair of Gender and Sexuality Studies for consideration by the GSS curriculum committee:

  • Either a syllabus or a course description with a list of course readings
  • If it is not evident from your course description, provide a brief explanation of how your course fulfills the criteria above.