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Gender and Sexuality Studies
Leslie Petty, Ph.D., Director
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Minor & Requirements



Requirements for a Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies

A total of twenty-four (24) credits as follows:

  1. Gender and Sexuality Studies 200. Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies.
  2. Gender and Sexuality Studies 400. Feminist and Queer Theory.
  3. Four courses selected from the Gender and Sexuality Studies curriculum.

Two of these courses must come from fields outside of one’s major. For one of these four courses, students are encouraged to consider an Internship or a Directed Inquiry. In order to receive academic credit for either the Internship or the Directed Inquiry, students must write a proposal, in consultation with a faculty mentor and submit the proposal for approval by the director of Gender and Sexuality Studies.

  • Gender and Sexuality Studies courses regularly offered include, but are not limited to:
  • Anthropology/Sociology 207: Women in Prehistory
  • Anthropology/Sociology 231: Gender and Society
  • English 225: Region, Race, Gender and Class in Southern Literature
  • English 380: Queer Theory and Literature
  • French 323: Travel, Gender, and Identity
  • History 349: Black and White Women in the South
  • History 445: Gender in the American West
  • International Studies 432: Women in World Politics
  • Music 105: Women in Music
  • Psychology 232: Psychology of Gender and Sexuality
  • Religious Studies 301: Gender and Sexuality in the Hebrew Bible
  • Spanish 350: Short Fiction by Spanish Women Writers