Financial Aid


Making a Rhodes Education Affordable

Thanks to scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study, there are many ways to afford a Rhodes education. The Office of Financial aid will work closely with you to explore all available funding resources. We strive to offer our comprehensive aid package to each student as soon as possible so you can compare Rhodes College to other top-ranked colleges in the nation you may be considering. Our goal is to remove cost as the primary determinant for applying to Rhodes.

The financial aid and scholarship programs offered by Rhodes make it possible for qualified students from all walks of life to attend. Class of 2018 Financial Aid Statistics:

  • Percent of class receiving need-based aid: 62%.
  • Range of need-based financial aid awards: $5,680-$55,644
  • Median family income of students receiving need-based aid: $130,005
  • Total financial aid awarded from all sources: $14,580,733