Financial Aid


Don’t let cost keep you from applying to Rhodes.

Our goal is to remove cost as the primary determining factor in whether or not you apply to Rhodes.

  • More than 93% of our students receive some form of financial assistance (fellowships, scholarships, grants, loans, student employment).
  • The median family income of students receiving need-based for the Class of 2017 was $113,525.
  • 61% of the Class of 2017 received four-year competitive scholarships, fellowships and awards.

What is the annual price of a Rhodes education?

The 2014-2015 fees:

  Resident Students Commuter Students
Tuition $41,262 $41,262
Fees $310 $310
Room and Board (21 meals/week, standard multiple occupancy) $10,328  
Total $51,900 $41,572

I need financial aid. Do I have to figure out what to apply for by myself?

We will guide you through the process of applying for financial aid. Our financial aid packages typically consist of a combination of fellowships or scholarships, grants, student loans and student employment. You simply apply for aid and we will do our best to fulfill your demonstrated need.

I’ve heard of scholarships, but what are fellowships?

At Rhodes, we’ve taken traditional scholarships a step farther by asking students to invest in themselves through professional internships, community service, research or other opportunities as part of a fellowship. In addition to funding, you’ll receive real-world experience that will put your education into action and build a resume.

When are the deadlines to apply for financial aid?

For your convenience, we’ve listed all applications, forms and deadlines under Applications & Deadlines.