Sample Two: Jackie


Jackie is from Tennessee.

Her parents are married, her mother is disabled and cannot work, her father earned $36,300 in 2008. The adjusted gross income in 2009 was $38,750, and the family reports untaxed income of $2,100. Jackie is an only child. The expected family contribution for this family is calculated to be $3,960.

Rhodes Cost: $46,621
Less Expected Family Contribution: $3,960
Financial Need: $42,661

Rhodes awarded Jackie a University Scholarship of $17,000 and a Rhodes Grant of $4,765. In addition, she was eligible for a Pell Grant of $1,400, a Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant of $1,500, an Academic Competitiveness Grant of $750, the Tennessee Hope Scholarship of $4,000, the Tennessee General Assembly Merit Scholarship of $1,000, the subsidized Stafford Loan of $3,500, the unsubsidized Stafford Loan of $2,000 and Federal College Work-Study of $1,600. Total aid awarded was $37,515. Jackie’s parents intend to use a Parent (PLUS) Loan to meet the remaining need amount of $5,146.