John F. Copper

Publishing Record

  • Wrote more than 25 books, published by 10 different publishers. Nine books were published in both hardcover and soft cover. Four have second printings. One has second and third edition. One has second, third and fourth edition. Two have foreign language (Chinese) editions. One won an award for creativity.
  • Editor of two books; co-editor of one book
  • Co-translator or three books
  • Author of twenty monographs and policy papers
  • Contributor to over 50 books and reference books
  • Penned over 75 journal and magazine articles
  • Authored more than 16 published speeches or addresses
  • Wrote one presidential briefing book; co-author of one briefing book
  • Author of one Department of Defense study (in- house publication)
  • Writer of numerous book reviews and newspaper op-eds. and syndicated pieces
  • Author of seven testimonies presented to Congressional committees and published in the Congressional Record
  • Author of a number of other papers, etc.