The Trump Presidency So Far: A Conversation with James W. Ceaser

Event Date

Thu, 03/23/2017 -
5:00pm to 6:30pm


Room Number

Hardie Auditorium


Jacqueline Baker




How did Donald Trump defy the odds and become America’s 45th president?

What can we expect--in addition to the unexpected--from the Trump presidency?

And what are the consequences, now that both the Democratic and Republican parties have been Trumped?

Join us for a conversation with renowned political scientist James W. Ceaser. 

Ceaser is the Harry F. Byrd Jr. Professor of Politics at the University of Virginia. He has written several influential books on American politics and political thought, including Presidential Selection: Theory and Development; Reforming the Reforms: Critical Analysis of the Presidential Selection Process; Liberal Democracy and Political Science; Designing a Polity: America's Constitution in Theory and Practice; Reconstructing America: The Symbol of America in Modern Thought; Nature and History in American Political Development, a textbook on American politics and government, and a series of co-authored books on presidential elections, including: Defying the Odds: The 2016 Elections and American Politics, to be released this month. 

The Political Science Department will recognize and induct new members into Pi Sigma Alpha – the National Honor Society for Political Science. Please join us for a reception at 4:30 in honor of these outstanding students.

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