Ruffin Lecture "The Asphendou Cave Petroglyphs: An Eyewitness Account of Ice Age Crete"

Event Date

Thu, 11/09/2017 - 6:00pm


Room Number

Blount Auditorium


Stephanie Cage



The James F. Ruffin Lecture in the Fine Arts will feature
    Professor Thomas Strasser of Providence College. He will discuss
    “The Asphendou Cave Petroglyphs: An Eyewitness Account of Ice
    Age Crete.”

The Asphendou Cave rock carvings in west Crete have remained a
    scholarly enigma for over forty years. Thanks to recent
    technological advances in digital imaging, as well as
    archaeological and palaeontological discoveries, Dr. Strasser
    proves that some of the petroglyphs are Upper Palaeolithic. He
    compares the iconography to fossil data to demonstrate that an
    extinct dwarf deer is represented. In this lecture, Dr. Strasser
    shows that the Asphendou Cave contains the earliest figural art
    yet discovered in Greece.

Thomas Strasser is a professor of art history at Providence
    College in Rhode Island. He specializes in Greek archaeology and
    focuses on the search for the earliest human remains and art on
    Crete. Dr. Strasser and Eleni Panagopoulou discovered Paleolithic
    stone tools and excavated the first Mesolithic site on Crete. His
    work on the Plakias Stone Age Project has been featured in the
    New York Times and National Geographic and named one of the top
    10 archaeological discoveries of 2010 by Archaeology magazine.

Established in 2001, the James F. Ruffin Lecture in the Fine Arts
    brings to campus speakers and symposia focused on the visual
    arts. The lectures are funded by a 1999 bequest from the late
    James F. Ruffin, founder and operator of Ruffin's Import and

This lecture is free and open to the public.

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