Descriptions of course offerings for the current semester, as well as the immediate past semester, are included below. For a comprehensive listing and description of all courses offered by the Environmental Studies & Sciences Program, see the individual minor worksheets.


Teton Science Schools

Rhodes College has a partnership with Teton Science Schools. Students can enroll in ENVS 160:  Rocky Mountain Ecology (2 credits, F11) and travel to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to study for approximately 2 weeks in May/June. 

This field course focuses on community ecology of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Topics include:  regional geology, influence of topography and climate on vegetation; community interaction of plants and animals including herbivory; predation and competition, community dynamics, succession, disturbance, identification of plants, insects and birds. The course will also familiarize students with basic field data collection and research techniques.

"I definitely will be back here, if not for the graduate program or an internship, definitely back to visit. I was amazed. This place is incredible, and I′ll never forget the time I had here." ~ A. Dillon
"Going out into the field and learning in the environment was a nice change from sitting in a classroom and taking notes." ~ M. Porter

For more information on the program, contact Prof. Sarah Boyle in the Department of Biology or Katherine Owen Richardson in the Study Abroad office.