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Distribution List for Students

Students interested in information about education should ensure that their names are on the distribution list maintained by the Program Director.

Teach Tennessee

The State of Tennessee continues to face an acute shortage of math, science, special education, and foreign language teachers. Governor Bredesen and Commissioner Seivers have begun exploring alternative routes for licensure for persons with degrees in these areas (but who do not have licensure). The State Department of Education website will post information as soon as it is available. See Teach Tennessee at

State Department of Education (of Tennessee) Web Site

Each state is required to post “school report card” information regarding state-wide progress and for each public school system and for each school within the system. The State of Tennessee (like many states) has redesigned its education website and much demographic information about public schools and systems is now available to the public. Check it out!

Also, each state is required to post its plan for meeting No Child Left Behind (ESEA 2002) requirements. Some of these requirements relate directly to the hiring of teachers and the necessary qualifications to teach in the state’s’ public schools.