Application Procedures


Since the process of providing accommodations involves assessing your needs for specific courses and/or campus living situations, it is necessary to review and revise your accommodation plan on a semester-by-semester basis. All accommodation requests must be submitted in a timely manner—students should initiate the accommodation planning process immediately after admission to the college.

The following procedures are followed for all types of accommodations:

Step 1: Schedule an appointment with Melissa Butler, Director of Student Disability Services.  

Step 2: Provide current documentation of your disability and your accommodation needs as determined by a qualified medical or other licensed professional evaluator. (Please refer to Documentation Guidelines.) If your documentation is not yet available, you can still schedule a meeting to discuss your accommodation request with the Director of SDS.  

Step 3: In addition to your documentation, please complete and bring to the appointment the student questionnaire, your class schedule and the names of your professors. You will also be asked to describe your educational history, past accommodations and other information relevant to your request for disability services.  

Step 4: Once your application and documentation are reviewed by a professional evaluator and the Disability Support Committee and found to be appropriate, the SDS Director will schedule a second appointment to develop your accommodation plan. You will receive a letter listing the accommodations that have been determined to be reasonable in terms of the nature of your disability and the supporting documentation.  

Step 5: Take this letter to each of your professors and discuss your accommodation plan with them. It is important that you mutually agree on how to implement your accommodation request so as to best satisfy your needs without adversely affecting the academic integrity of their courses. If the need arises, you can request a revision to your accommodation plan by contacting the SDS Director. Students requesting non-academic accommodations should follow Steps 1-4 as outlined above. If the accommodations requested are found to be reasonable in terms of the nature of the disability and the supporting documentation, you will receive an accommodation request form and be directed to the appropriate office to discuss how your accommodation can be implemented.


Important Note About Degree Requirements

Students with disabilities are expected to fully meet all academic requirements for the Rhodes undergraduate liberal arts degree, as the college does not waive or modify fundamental course or program requisites.  Rhodes College requires that all degree candidates demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language at the level of third semester (201) courses.  Foreign language course waivers and substitutions are not granted on the basis of disability, however registered students with disabilities may apply for academic accommodations in these and other courses.  Students are encouraged to consult Student Disability Services to discuss appropriate accommodations and resources at least one semester prior to taking a foreign language.