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Seizure Response


In the event that a seizure occurs in a residence hall or elsewhere on campus, someone should be instructed to immediately:

  • Call 911 to request an ambulance, and
  • Call Campus Safety at 843-3333 to advise them to expect an ambulance and to report the location where help is needed. Campus Safety will then notify the Student Health Center.

Calmly inform any bystanders that the student is having a seizure and ask for assistance in clearing the area of any object that may injure the student. If the student is not already on the ground and Campus Safety or the Student Health Center nurse have not yet arrived, assist the student in lying down.

Make certain the student’s mouth is clear of obstructions and place a soft object under the student’s head. Do not attempt to restrain the student’s movement or force any object between the teeth.

Emergency personnel will assess whether the medical condition warrants transport to an emergency facility.

If transport to an emergency facility is not warranted but the student is exhausted, then the student will be escorted to another location for rest where he/she can be monitored.