Student Fellowships



The Mike Curb Institute for Music works with students through the Rhodes Fellowship Initiative. The Institute facilities student experiences outside of the classroom that enhance academic studies and give real-world experience to students.

Curb Fellowships fall into two categories:

  1. Curb Research Fellowship: students involved with these fellowships will work in research or preservation projects related to the music of Memphis and the surrounding region. Students will work closely with local organizations (such as the STAX Museum, the Blues Foundation, and the Rock n’ Soul Museum).
  2. Curb Outreach Fellowship: students involved with these fellowships will work to incorporate music and music education into the community, and especially the Rhodes Learning Corridor Schools. Current projects include the Cypress Guitar Club at Cypress Middle School, and mentorships at the Stax Music Academy.
  3. Curb Recording Fellowship: Through a Mellon Grant for Public and Digital Arts, the Curb Institute has created a mobile recording studio capable or recording and preserving college and related community events. Students will apprentice with a local recording engineer to learn necessary skills and will work as independent recording engineers.


The institute works in conjunction with the Crossroads to Freedom Digital Archive to research regional music and musicians. Particular attention is paid to the ways in which music history intersects with developments in the Civil Rights Movement.