Warning Signs


Your partner could be near domestic violence if:‚Äč

  1. Was or is abused by a parent.
  2. Grew up in a home where an adult was abused by another adult.
  3. Gets very serious with boyfriends/girlfriends very quickly – saying “I love you” very early in the relationship, wanting to move in together or get engaged after only a few months, or pressuring partner for a serious commitment.
  4. Comes on very strong, is extremely charming and an overly smooth talker.
  5. Is extremely jealous.
  6. Isolates partner from support systems – wants partner all to themselves, and tries to keep partner from friends, family or outside activities.
  7. Attempts to control what partner wears, what she/he does or who she/he sees.
  8. Is abusive toward other people, especially mother or sisters if he is a male.
  9. Blames others for one’s own misbehavior or failures.
  10. Has unrealistic expectations, like expecting partner to meet all of ones needs and be the perfect partner.
  11. Is overly sensitive – acts ‘hurt’ when not getting one’s way, takes offense when others disagree with an opinion, gets very upset at small inconveniences that are just a normal part of life.
  12. Has ever been cruel to animals.
  13. Has ever abused children.
  14. Has ever hit a boyfriend or girlfriend in the past.
  15. Has ever threatened violence, even if it wasn’t a serious threat.
  16. Calls partner names, puts him/her down or curses at him/her.
  17. Is extremely moody, and switches quickly from being very nice to exploding in anger.
  18. If a male, believes women are inferior to men and should obey them.
  19. Is intimidating, for example using threatening body language, punching walls or breaking objects.
  20. Holds partner against his/her will to keep him/her from walking away or leaving the room.