Suicide Resources


Everyone feels disheartened sometimes. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by school work, relationships, money issues, and family hardships. It’s completely normal to have emotions; however, it is not normal to think about suicide as a response to feeling overwhelmed or stressed out and may be a sign of a serious health issue. If you have thoughts about suicide, you should take it seriously and seek help. You should not try to face it alone. Speak with a counselor, therapist, a parent, a clergy, a friend, a teacher, or someone you trust who can offer support. Suicide is not the answer to feeling great pain, facing problems, or feeling as though there is no one to turn to. All of these things can be changed and will be changed if you take to proper steps and seek help.

If a friend is thinking about suicide, listen to them attentively; acknowledge what they are going through. Urge them to speak with a professional about their thoughts, and if you feel that the person is in danger, do not leave them alone. Remove items of self-harm and call 911 or someone else who can help. You should also speak to a professional about your friend, even if it means breaking confidence, if it means keeping them safe.