About Our Services



To make an appointment, call 843-3128 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Appointments are preferred to ensure that students get quality service. However, walk-ins are welcome and will be seen as soon as possible. 

The Counseling Center is located inside the Moore Moore Health Center, adjacent to the Refectory.

Concerned about a friend? The Center provides consultations to individuals as well as groups. Referrals to community mental health providers off-campus are also available.

Services Are Free of Charge

Rhodes College provides the Center’s services for free and does not require any insurance information for billing.

Services Are Confidential

Counseling often involves the discussion of sensitive personal information.  It is important that you feel safe in your discussions with a counselor, and that your privacy is respected and protected. 

The confidentiality of information you share with a Center counselor is protected by professional ethical standards as well as state law.  The Center will not disclose your status as a client or release any information related to your counseling to anyone outside the Center without your written permission.  This includes responding to inquiries from parents, friends, professors, advisors, etc.

No information about your contact with the Counseling Center is kept in your permanent academic or financial record held by the College.  There are a few very rare exceptions to confidentiality which you should know about.

The law allows for confidential information to be shared as necessary under the following circumstances:

  • To prevent you from injuring yourself or someone else
  • To halt or prevent child abuse
  • When required by court of law (a) for a criminal case in which you are charged with injuring or killing another, (b) for criminal proceedings in which you raise an insanity defense or such defense is raised on your behalf, or (c) civil proceedings in which you have raised your mental or emotional condition as an aspect of a claim

Should such rare circumstances occur, we will discuss with you any action that is being considered, whenever possible, and we will release only the minimum information required by the circumstances.

If you have any questions or concerns about your confidentiality, please discuss them with your counselor.

*Disclaimer: Confidentiality of email communication cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of the internet.