Reunion Attendee List

Reunion Attendee List - Updated October 18, 2018 – 9:00 a.m.

Class of 1958

Lorraine Abernathy
Robert Booth
Eleanor and John Burge
Mike and Suzanna (Marten) Cody (1975)
Merrill Ann and Sam Cole
Joyce Henry
Jo and John Maxwell (1957)
Lynda and Howard Maxwell
Giorgina and Lewis Murray
John Quinn
Lila (Wrape) Saunders
Ed Stock (1959)
Robert and Karen Templeton

Class of 1963                    
Chipsy and Bill Butler
Jack and Barbara Cherry
Rosemary and Francis Davis
Ann (Tutwiler) Dwyer
Mary Lou (Carwile) (1964) and Jim Finley (1962)
Frederick (Mike) France
Bette and Bill Green                                
Daniel and Carolyn Gilchrist        
Barbara and Tom Knowles
Tom and Carol Lowry
Charles McCrary
Mary Lou (Quinn) and Challace McMillin (1964)
Betty and Tom Scott

Class of 1968 – 50th Reunion            

Scott Arnold
Barbara and Stephen Borleske
Danna (Edmonds) and Tom Brooks (1966)
Qilan and Carey Bryan
Noni and Bill Buchanan  
Susan (Moore) and Joe Clark 
William Clark         
Beverly and Stephen Cole    
Bruce and Claudia (Cooper) Cook (1969)
Margaret and Duncan Crawford
Madge and Whit Deacon
Suzanne and Bruce Donaldson
Jennifer and Oscar Edmonds  
Priscilla (Hinkle) Ennis and Frank Perez  
William Evans
C Lee and Clyde Lee Giles  
John Harrell
Janelle and Joe Haseman
Janet and Richard Hix
Kitty Hon
Laura (Crawford) Kinkle                                         
Mary Jane and Nat Kirkland    
Judith and John Larson
David Lehman
Richard and Janet Lewis
Susan Lucas   
Chrissy and Walter Lydick
David McMillan and Marietta Shipley    
Kacky and Donn Mixon            
Judy Owen
Helen (Alford) and Bob Redding
William Robertson                        
Carol and Sid Strickland 
Drucilla (Drue) (Thom) and Don White
Robert Wild
Sarah (Darden) and Roger Williams 
Peggy and Jim Williamson                     
Becky and Sloan Young                            
Class of 1973                        
Patsy and Tom Aune
Cathy (Clements) Bailey
Clinton Bailey
Becky Boone and Barney Rolfes
Steven and Anita Burkett
Wing Chin
Lee (Seabrook) Duncan
Amy and John Evans    
Rachel Fraser    
Virginia and David Garrett 
Kay Kay Green
Scott Howard and Bridget Jensen
Nancy Howell
Jill (Hortenstine) Iglehart
Ernie James
John Keesee
Candace Keirns-Bitensky
Gerald Koonce and Myrna Thomas 
Beverley (Turner) Krannich    
Meriwether Montgomery 
Brenda and Herman Morris
Kathye and Alfred Nippert, Jr.   
Stephen Patrick
Eileen (Hanrahan) and Eddie Queener
Joy and Larry Rice (1974)
Jan Sample
Robert and Mary Ellen Tigert
Judy Tygard    
Debra and Michael Walden
Gwen Wall and Joel Hamdorff      
F. Clark Williams, Jr.           

Class of 1978                    

Chris and Bill Byrd
Jan and Robert Cragon
Charles Day
Kim (Freeman) and David Durham
Jana Files
Evie (Thomas) Gander
Eva Guggenheim
Sarah Henry
Donna (Bell) and Bill Hulsey (1977)
Sarah (Bailey) Luster
Agnes (Ace) Martin                
Angie and Harry McCool  
Martha Nixon 
Ruthann Ray
Charles Richardson    
Elizabeth and Sandeford Schaeffer        
Karen Willis and Phil Sisk 
Monty Smith
Leslie (Jett) and John Sweeney   
Mary Soop (Lee) and Pricilla Keedy
Lynn (Reecer) Sudderth
Donna (Del Donno) and Rod Vosper     
Bettina Wilson    

Class of 1983     

Sam Albritton (Class of 1982)
Anne (Kaiser) and Jim Apple (1989)
Mitch and Marie Baldree
Julia and Terry Bate
Richard Bird and William Taylor
Leslie (McCormick) (1987) and Bryan Darr (1984)
Paul Deaton
Gretchen Deeves 
Janet (Woodson) (1982) and Edward Dellinger
Perry Dement        
David and Deibre DuBard
September and Bob Eason 
Angela (Sundberg) (1982) and Ted Estes
Michelle and Arthur Fulmer
Trice Gibbons
Grace Hall
Nancy (Graham) Hamilton
Robin Hanna
Terry Harris and Lori Breakstone
Beth (Spencer) Heflin         
Susan and John Huffman
Melissa (Barth) and Alex Ivy
Emily Johnson
Susanna and Barry Johnson
Debbie (Milam) and Colbert Jones
Robyn (Stone) Jonston and Amy Jonston
Laura Lee
Kim (Chickey) MacQueen
Linda (Baird) Newbern
Marcelle (Brinkley) and Saeed Nia (1982)
John Nisbet and Sidonie Sanson
Charlotte (Patton) and Paul Parks
Kelly (Summitt) Pridgen
Ruth (Metcalfe) and Scott Rye
Leslie and Peter Schutt
Trish and Richard Spore
Lynn Stapleton Koch
Julie (Mortimer) Watkins and Thomas Chu

Class of 1988        

Ann (Kaiser) and Jim Apple (1989)
Kent Barnes and Steve Johnson
Kim (Collins) and Wright Bates
Steven Beckham
Amanda Bond
Macie and Shawn Carder
Suzy Carpenter
Thomas Coleman
Brooke (Glover) Emery
Robin (Merredith) (1989) and Keith Kelly
Scott Kirkpatrick and Katie Deming
Patricia (Hall) and Andy Long
Joanna (Smith) and Brad Priester
Merry and Johnny Moore
Joe Welborn and Lauren Patten

Class of 1993                     

Peter Adams
Katherine (McCaa) Baldwin
Robert Baldwin and Kittie Sullivan
Danielle (Boyce) Batten
Jeff Bean
Anne Borden and Dale Bradshaw
Harkness (Harris) Brown
Chandlee Bryan
Dan Carl
Marilee (Clark) Iverson and Max Maloney
Yves (Rougelot) Clark
Jennifer Cobb
Clay Combs
Stephanie and Forrest Conner
Harper Cook
Lynn Crabb
Trista (Branick) Davis
Carter (Murray) and Chris Dawson (1994)
Amy and Joey Dudek
Laura (Benjamin) Elliot
Eilen and Miles Fortas
Lela and Logan Germann
Lara (McGinty) Hall
Rob Jarrett
Leslie Johnson and Eric Waldron
Abigail (West) Jumper
Laurie (Jones) and Shea Kent
Ambereen Khan
Shannon (Lientz) and Chris Kollme
Mary Elizabeth (Webb) Lawrence
Lindsey (Mitcham) and Rick Lorence
Tom Lowry
Susannah (McLendon) and Rob Macmillian (1991)
Dean McCondich
Rebecca Miller-Rice and David Rice
Ryan Mire
Sullivan Monte
Pat and Catherine Nelson
Katherine (Goodloe) and Scott Peatross (1982)
Shirley (Stone) and Joe Sankey
Lee (Colquitt) Schaffler
Andrew Shipman
Melinda Simon
Kelley Slagle   
Alison and Reid Smiley
Stephanie (Walker) and Christopher Sockrider
Nicki Soulé and Andy Nix (1991)
Sheronda and Harold C. Smith
Elizabeth (Hayes) and Greg Smithers
Tanja (Lueck) Thompson
Maggie and Christian Waddell
Angie Wellford
James Westphal
Jeff Wilson

Class of 1998                    

Andrea Anthony and Marianne Trent
Jennifer (Williams) and Robert Beckley   
Jason Bishop
Allison and Phil Bittel    
Diana Blythe and Robert Milnor
Roselle and John Bonnoitt       
Sidney (Wood) and Martin Clapp                           
Elisabeth Cooper    
Sara Cortes
Leslie Curry                            
Emily Da Silva (Bacque)
Rachel (Killen) and Christopher Farris
Kristin Fox-Trautman and Lucas Trautman
Shannon and Robert Hamilton
Sally (Stevens) and John Humphrey
Carolyn (Ransford) Kaldon
Katie (Tart) and W. Scott Kibler
Mitchell Klink 
Robert and Sarah Lane
Marissa (Murphy) (1999) and Brook Loper
Maggie McDonald  
Katrina (Schott) and John McLin
Susan (Meredith) Meyers  
Scarlett (Caldwell) and Eric Miles     
Amy Opsal                      
Jenny (Clayton) and John Schafer (1997)
Melissa (Hasslen) and Tamer Selim
Emery (Van Hook) Sonnier
Kimberly and Nelson Steele  
Heather (Caldwell) and Jeb Stricklin                         
Joy and Victor Suane         
Sunni Thompson

Class of 2003                    

Sara (Addison) Appleby
Grace (Williams) and Richard Bailey
Laura (Bishop) Baker
Evelyn Banks and Obiorah Ike
Kate (Dietzen) and Curt Beaulieu
Calvin and Tyria Biggers            
Sarah Clark                    
Cyanne Demchak
Susan Duesler
Michelle (Eacret) Garner
Lindsay (Bond) and R. Jay Griffin
Lydia and Britton Holland
Justin Howard
Christopher Jones
Paz Jones  
Carrie (Eaker) Kerley
Mary Rogers (Quillen) Kirby
Bebecca (Held) Knoche
Anne D MacDonald    
Tamara Martin and Carey Farmer
Melinda Phillips 
Brett Ramsey and Marybeth Dowd
Caroline (Dale) Simpson     
Anne (Hughes) Solomon   
Miriam (Dillard) and Richard Stroud
Sarah (May) and Josh Wilmsmeyer
John and Cathleen Zeanah            

Class of 2008                     

Katie and Luke Archer
Elizabeth Ashton
Dana Bartolomei
Chris Catalanotto and Linda Matta
Megan (Sizemore) and Jeremy Clark
Jackie and Joseph Cody
Ryan Dagen and Ben Wheeler    
Rebecca (Cook) Davis
Savannah Deaton and Michael Clariana
Jessi Denby Wilson
Hannah English  
Victor Evans and Crystal Churchwell  
Laura and Andrew Falls
Justin Foreman and Lizzie Gill       
Jennifer (Stanley) and Ben Gladstone
Adam Haynes
Richard Hurd and Sinara Moura
Natasha Jain
Lucy King
Durham Kyle
Kathryn Ledlie
Madoline Markham
Ellie (Hahn) McBroom
Alex and Magen McCulloch    
Laura Sellers and James Moore      
Christopher Pope  
Colleen Portnoy    
Nici and Billy Rhodes
Heather (Ross) and Joel Sprague
Megan Thompson Fooshee and Michael Fooshee
Margaret Tufton
Reginald Watson and Alexis Patterson
Jonathan Wigand
Katie (Mirseyedi) and Rob Wiles
Evan Williams     
Elyssa and Matthew Yantis
Kaitie Yeoman       

Class of 2013                    

Rin Abernathy
Morgan (Hanna) and Joseph Adams
David Bergen
Catherine Boone and Harrison Hadaway
Robbie Cook
Chidimma Emelue
Tanner Evins
Jasmine Gilstrap
Oliver Haynes
Paul Hubbell and Brooke Russell
Mathew Jehl
Alex LaBat
Justin Lee
Phillip Lyons and Mary Clarie Meeks
hugh Madison and Gabrielle Garofalo
Courtney Mallin and Chip Niemann
Jennifer Marshall and Charles Lewis    
Megan Matthews
Alex Nollan          
Ian Preston and Erin Bailey    
Jordon Robinson
Charlotte Young and Robert Henry