Retiree Health Plan

Full-time faculty and staff who began employment prior to January 1, 1995 may be eligible to maintain coverage under the College Health Plan after retirement.  To enroll under this plan the employee must:

  • Be covered on the Health Plan on the date of retirement 
  • Complete 10 years of employment after age 50 
  • Submit an enrollment form to Human Resources within 30 days of retirement

 Any dependents covered under the plan on the date of retirement may also continue to be covered.  In case of the death of the retiree, dependent coverage may continue until the spouse dies, remarries, or becomes eligible for other group benefits (excluding Medicare).  

If the retiree is under age 65 the College Plan will remain the primary health insurance.  Once the retiree reaches age 65 they must enroll in Medicare Part A and B, and the College plan will be secondary to Medicare.  The retiree should not enroll in Medicare Part D, as the prescription drug coverage under the College Plan provides that benefit at no extra cost.

For 2015-2016 the Retiree Health Plan premiums are:


 Coverage Level  Under Age 65    65+
 Retiree only



 Retiree + 1 dependent



 Retiree + Family