Prescription Drug Plan

The prescription drug plan is an integral part of the College Health Plan and included in the health plan premium. All employees and dependents covered under the Health Plan can purchase prescription drugs at discounted prices through Express Scripts. 

The prescription drug plan utilizes a formulary to maximize discounts and promote effective cost-sharing.  The current published formulary can be found here. Please note that the formulary is subject to change. For the most up-to-date information you may contact Express Scripts directly at 800-451-6245.  

Members may access detailed information about their own prescription drug plan by creating a secure account at   

The charts below show what members should expect to pay for their prescription drugs. Members may purchase a 30-day supply of drugs at participating retail pharmacies:

 Drug Category   Patient Pays
 Generic  $10.00 
 Formulary Brand-name  $30.00
 Non-formulary Brand-name  Greater of $50.00 or 50%

 For even greater savings, members may purchase a 90-day supply of drugs directly from Express Scripts.  (Please contact Human Resources for the necessary form).

 Drug Category   Patient Pays
 Generic   $20.00
 Formulary Brand-name   $60.00
 Non-formulary Brand-name   $90.00