More About Dr. Jaslow

Dr. Carolyn Jaslow

Biology Department

Rhodes College

2000 N. Parkway

Memphis, TN 38112

phone 901-843-3563

fax 901-843-3565




A.B. Biology, Mount Holyoke College, 1979.

M.S. Zoology, Ohio University, 1984.

Ph.D. Anatomy, The University of Chicago, 1987


Courses Taught:

< >EmbryologyHistologySenior Seminar - Reproductive BiologyBiology II

Selected Publications:

Jaslow CR, Kutteh WH.  2013. Effect of prior birth and miscarriage frequency 
            on the prevalence of acquired and congenital uterine anomalies in women 
            with recurrent miscarriage: a cross-sectional study.  Fertility and Sterility.
Jaslow CR, Patterson KS, Cholera S, Jennings LK, Ke RW, Kutteh WH.  2010.
            CD9 expression by human granulosa cells and platelets as a predictor of 
   fertilization success during IVF.  Obstetrics and Gynecology International.
Jaslow CR, Carney JL, Kutteh WH.  2010.  Diagnostic factors identified in 1020
            women with two versus three or more recurrent pregnancy losses.  Fertility
            and Sterility 93:1234-43.
Jaslow CR, Biewener AA.  1995.  Strain patterns in the horncores, 
            cranial bones and sutures of goats (Capra hircus) during impact loading.
            Journal of Zoology, (London), 235:193-210.
Anton SC, Jaslow CR, Swartz SM.  1992.  Sutural complexity in artificially
            deformed human (Homo sapiens) crania.  Journal of Morphology. 214:1-12.
Jaslow CR. 1990. Mechanical properties of cranial sutures.  Journal of Biomechanics.
Jaslow CR. 1989.  Sexual dimorphism of cranial suture complexity in wild sheep
            (Ovis orientalis).  Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 95:273-284.

Brief Description of Research Interests

< > Reproductive biology and infertility Functional morphology of mammalian skullsDevelopment and biomechanics of bone and teeth

Representative Student Research Projects:

PCOS and BMI as risk factors for prediabetes as measured by elevated hemoglobin A1C.  Alex Yu ’13.

Sperm morphology and progressive motility: linking form with function.  Ciara Conway ’10

Correlations of sperm morphology with sperm quality.  Anastasia Hartzes '08

Variation in the morphological characteristics of subpopulations in bovine sperm.  Michael Lyerly '04

Role of extrinsic forces during initiation of interdigitation in rat cranial sutures.  Samuel Weems ’02

Early development of interdigitation in rat cranial sutures. Brock Lanier '02 and Erik Hill '01

Geometry of rodent limb bones. Aparna Murti '97

Scaling of incisor curvature in rodents. Karen Finch '93

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