Gifts That Rhodes Can Use Today

The most meaningful benefit of making a gift that Rhodes can use today is the ability to see it at work.  A current capital gift for a building project allows the donor to watch with pride as construction begins; an endowed gift to support a student scholarship gives the donor the opportunity to get to know the student who is able to enjoy a Rhodes education as a result of their gift; a gift to support a particular department or program lets a donor see the enhancements to curriculum or programs afforded by the gift.  In addition to support of the annual fund, there are planned gifts that allow Rhodes to use the gift today, and give the donor the satisfaction of seeing their gift at work.

Charitable Lead Trust

A charitable lead trust allows a donor to make a gift of assets to a trust managed by Rhodes.  The lead trust makes income payments to Rhodes for a designated period of time.  When the designated time has elapsed, the remaining assets are returned to the donor or other beneficiaries the donor has selected.

Charitable IRA Rollover

A charitable IRA rollover allows a donor the opportunity to make a gift to Rhodes in a manner that reduces the donor’s income tax liability.  Charitable IRA rollover gifts allow the donor to transfer funds directly from an IRA to Rhodes in a totally tax-free transfer.  The rollover gift counts as part of the donor’s required minimum distribution for the year, but is not included in income and therefore its deductability is not subject to normal charitable giving limits.

For more information about planned giving, contact Nicki Soule ′93, Director of Golden Lynx Programs, at (901) 843-3740 or