Dr. Kim Gerecke: Neuroscience Lab, Exercise Mediated Neuroprotection

Dr. Gerecke’s current research involves two main complementary questions:

- What is the role of exercise in protecting against Parkinson’s Disease?
- What are the toxic effects of chronic psychological stress in the brain, and how does exercise protect against these effects?

Dr. Gerecke’s research team currently includes:

  • Laura Atkinson (Neuroscience 2012), Maddie Scott (Neuroscience 2013), Helen Floersh (Neuroscience 2013), Mustafa Motiwala (Neuroscience 2013), and Megan Ververis (2014) 

Previous research team members:

  • Sarah Allen (Neuroscience 2011), Jessie Fawer (Neuroscience 2011) and Anna Kolobova (Neuroscience 2011)  
  • Danielle Fincher (Neuroscience 2010), Gayatri Patel (Biology 2010) and Anna Kolobova (Neuroscience 2011) 
  • Stephen Spainhour (Psychology 2011), Rachel Trout (Psychology 2010) and Sarah Barowka (Neuroscience)
  • Olivia Brown (Psychology 2008), Lauren Brooks (Neuroscience 2008), Brian Darrith (Neuroscience 2008), Michael Hadler (Neuroscience 2008) 


Sarah Allen and Anna Kolobova presenting research at the Society for Neuroscience international convention, 2010​





Sarah Barowka ‘09 presenting research at the Society for Neuroscience international convention, 2008





Laura Atkinson ’12 ponders the mysteries of the brain.









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