Color Options


The official colors of Rhodes are red and black. Rhodes also uses a primary color palette that draws its influences from the natural beauty of the campus—the hues of the stone buildings and the colorful glass of the windows. In addition, an extended palette provides five complementary colors to work with. As a basic visual tool these colors give the designer a wide creative scope while creating a consistent visual style.

In an effort to ensure consistency in all its print publications, Rhodes has specified the appropriate ink mixes for Rhodes red and black as well as the accepted primary and extended color palettes. 

Primary Color Palette

Extended Color Palette


Suggested Color Palette Combinations

Thoughtful combinations of the primary and extended color palettes allow for a great degree of flexibility and breadth of options. Several possible combinations are shown here for consideration when establishing an overall palette for a Rhodes Web site or publication. Additionally, the combinations represented demonstrate the manner in which one should think about the relationships and weight of the colors used. They are not necessarily the only combination of palettes that can be incorporated.

Primary Palette Combination 1

Primary Palette Combination 2

Primary Palette Combination 3

Primary Palette Combination 4

Extended Palette Combination 1

Extended Palette Combination 2

Extended Palette Combination 3

Extended Palette Combination 4

Extended Palette Combination 5