Maymester in Belgium 2012


May 14 - June 6, 2012

Now in its sixth consecutive year, the Belgium Maymester in 2012 will again focus on international business and religious history. Together the courses carry F1, F9, and F11 credit. For 2012 the two courses have been slightly modified. International business will continue to offer class discussion of business cases together with site visits related to the case studies. The focal point of cases and site visits will be multinational firms with the site visits featuring tours of the firms and lectures by key firm officials to reinforce classroom study. The course has been modified by adding smaller firms with niche exporting strategies to explore the concepts of competitive advantage among nations and the intersection of religious and social history with business practice. Religious History of the Low Countries will focus on the rich religious history of this region of Europe—from Catholicism, to Protestantism, to Catholicism, to Islam, the fastest growing religion in Europe. Guest lecturers from the University of Antwerp’s Religion and History departments as well as site visits to major religious sites and musea in Belgium and France are features of this course. The Religious History course has been modified to include an expanded examination of the connection between Religious History of the Low Countries and contemporary business practice, particularly in respect to the smaller firms mentioned above. Contact: Professor John Planchon or Professor Gail Streete