Steven Samaras | Assistant Professor
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My students will find me to be entrepreneurial in my thinking and I like to encourage my students to try to do so as well. Since few businesses have become highly successful by following the pack, students will often hear me say that there is not a “recipe for success” to be followed. I enjoy hearing novel (but ethical) solutions to organizational problems – of course, especially those that are supported by analysis and the self confidence that comes from considering possible contingencies. My goal is to help students to develop such confidence and to improve their ability to communicate their ideas more effectively within the business community. I also believe that effective business leaders must be open to multiple perspectives and as such, students will learn a great deal through open discussions with persons of diverse backgrounds and opinions.


I feel that there are ample opportunities for business organizations to compete successfully while being responsible members of society. My present research focuses on consideration of stakeholders (other than simply stockholders/owners) in the decision making process and ethical behavior of individuals as well as organizations. I have recently developed and published a methodology to measure and compare the differences in the way various stakeholders are considered both within and between organizations. These techniques will serve as a testing platform for the many existing stakeholder theories.

Outside the Classroom

I am a closet musician. By that, I mean I play several instruments for stress relief and personal satisfaction – but, I am too nervous to play solo in front of others. I enjoy some recreational reading, including Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. I enjoy renovating houses and will be working on one over the next few years. I am married to Annette, a special education teacher in Shelby County Schools, and we have a daughter who is a college student.


BBA, Loyola University of Chicago - Managerial Accounting
MBA, Northern Illinois University – Strategic Management
Ph.D., University of Nebraska - Strategic Management

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Conferred by the University of Illinois


BUS 120 - Introduction to International Business
BUS 361 - Management of Organizations/Strategy of the Firm
BUS 462 - Strategy Evaluation & Adaptation
BUS 464 - Entrepreneurship
BUS 486 - Senior Seminar in Business



Selected Publications

Samaras, S. A. (2010) The measurement of stakeholder salience: a strategy for the exploration of stakeholder theories, International Journal of Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies, 2(3), 285-306.

Cross, J. S. & Samaras, S. A. (2008) – “Exploits, guidelines, and vulnerabilities: Protecting digital resources” ACUTA Journal of Communications Technology in Higher Education , V12(1).

Samaras, S. A. (2007) “Seeds to Success Market and Seeds to Success Naturally Grown Gourmet Salad Greens: Tough Business Decisions in a Nonprofit Environment”, Journal of Enterprising Communities, V1(4) .

Saengaram, C., Samaras, S. A., Lee, S. M., & Digman, L. A. (2003) "Control of Inbound Logistics for Competitive Advantage: An investigation of Thai Grocery Retailers" Published in the Proceedings of the 34th Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute in Washington, DC on November 25, 2003.