Social Media and Social Networking Policy


The following is Rhodes College’s Social Media and Social Networking Policy. The lack of explicit reference to a specific site does not limit the extent of the application of this policy. Please consult with Communications if you have questions.

This policy covers employees and contractors while at work, while using company communications devices and at any time the individual can be understood as officially representing Rhodes College. It does not apply to students’ or faculty members’ personal sites. Official social networking and social media sites should be reported to the Communications Office to ensure maximum exposure, cross-linking and collaboration with related projects.

Employees and student workers who manage Rhodes social media sites or contribute content to them as representatives of Rhodes College should:

  • Protect and enhance the value of the Rhodes brand; avoid making derogatory comments about students, faculty or employees; and protect confidential information.
  • Be honest about your affiliation with Rhodes. Your honesty will be noted in the Social Media environment. If you have a vested interest in what you are discussing, be the first to say so.
  • Be helpful. Offering advice in your area of expertise will provide value to the online community.
  • Feel free to provide unique, individual perspectives on non-confidential activities at Rhodes.
  • Use the Rhodes logos as advised, and to the extent possible conform to the overall Rhodes Visual Identity System.
  • Respond promptly to questions/comments when reasonably possible (within 24 hrs).
  • Remember that your readers include current students, potential students, alumni and parents, as well as current/past/future employees. Consider all audiences before you publish and make sure you aren’t alienating any of them.
  • Respect copyright laws, and reference or cite sources appropriately.

All other Rhodes policies apply. In particular, please refer to policies regarding usage of the World Wide Web.

In effect February 9, 2010.
Vice President for College Relations