The Faculty Committee on Admissions Policy


Membership.  Four faculty members (one elected by each of the four academic divisions, 3-year terms); ex-officio (non-voting, except in case of a tie): Associate Dean of Admissions or other senior Admissions officer, as appointed by the Dean of Admissions


  • Recommend to the faculty, for its approval, academic standards for admission to the College.
  • Carry out the faculty’s advisory responsibilities in areas relating broadly to admissions. The committee is responsible to advise:
    • Admissions staff on the ongoing application of academic standards for admissions set by the faculty;
    • The Offices of Admissions and Financial Aid on financial aid policy;
    • The Office of Admissions on materials and strategies the college employs to attract potential applicants;
    • The Office of Admissions in matters relating to student retention.
  • Provide information to faculty, periodically but at least on an annual basis, on the following:
    • Implementation of the faculty’s academic standards for admission to Rhodes, including, but not limited to, methods used to measure and calculate academic qualifications in the admissions process, and the proportion of applicants failing to meet these standards, clearly exceeding these standards, or judged to be at or near the standards;
    • Current financial aid policy and its implementation;
    • Current materials and strategies the college uses to communicate with applicants and prospective applicant;
    • Student retention rates and current policy relating to student retention.

Expected Involvement. Meetings are held at the call of the Chair.