Investment Policy


The investment strategy to be followed in pursuit of the achievement of the Endowment Fund’s investment objectives is determined by the Investment Advisory Firm. This shall be done by using their proprietary asset allocation model. 

Model Allocation Target

Asset Class / Strategy Approximate Allocation
Growth Oriented Strategies:      
U.S. Equities 17.5%
International Equities 12.5%
Global Hedged Equity 15.0%
Private Equity/Venture Capital 15.0%
Emerging Markets Equity 7.5%
Low Volatility Strategies:  
U.S. Fixed Income  7.5%
Absolute Return Strategies  15.0%
Private Market Real  10.0%

The Investment Advisory firm (Outsourced CIO) may modify their model allocation from time to time at their discretion. The Investment Advisory Firm will keep the Subcommittee and Staff apprised of variances from the model allocation targets and informed of anticipated changes in the model.
It is also understood that, initially, the Private Equity and Private Real Estate allocations may not be funded to the target levels. The investment strategy of these alternative investments is to fund the allocation when opportunities are deemed appropriate. The reason for including alternative investment strategies in the approved asset allocation is to increase the overall diversification of the Endowment and reduce the volatility of the total portfolio due to the relatively low correlation between the non-traditional strategies and traditional strategies (U.S. Stocks, International Stocks, and U.S. Bonds). 

In effect February 14, 2008.
Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs.