Interviewing and Selection


Search Committee. Search Committee proposed by Chair of department, submitted for approval of the Dean of the Faculty

Department Chair normally chairs all tenure track search committees.

  • Search committee consists of Chair, two department members one faculty member from outside the department, and a Diversity Officer on all tenure track search committees. 
  • Select 2-3 candidates for campus interviews and seek approval of the Dean of the Faculty for these visits.  

The academic department will send notification to all applicants acknowledging receipt of completed application.  It is advisable to inform candidates if materials are missing from their file as the review date nears.

Campus Interview. The hiring department will send copies of candidate files to the Dean of the Faculty. Approved candidates for interview will be sent background check materials before proceeding with an invitation to campus. When background checks are completed satisfactorily schedule the campus visit by making arrangement for travel and hotel accommodations (check with the Office of the Dean of the Faculty). If your candidate is a foreign national, when you call to invite them to campus, please ask them if they were the candidate selected for employment if they can submit verification of their legal right to work in the United States.  (Question: “Can you, after employment, submit verification of your legal right to work in the United States?)

Required campus activities:

  • Meetings with members of the department
  • Meeting with the Dean of the Faculty or the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for Faculty Personnel
  • Activities with students
  • Classroom teaching demonstration
  • Formal seminar presentation to campus community (send announcement of seminar to all Faculty)

Optional campus activities:

  • Meeting with Vice President of Information Services if computing needs are critical to the position
  • Meeting with Director of the Library if library resources are a matter of importance

Candidate Selection. The Search Committee makes recommendation to the Dean of the Faculty. The Dean of the Faculty will discuss recommendation with Chair and if approved, will provide information on salary and additional benefits as applicable

Offer. The Chair contacts the candidate with the offer with a deadline for acceptance.   Two weeks is usually sufficient time for candidate to decide, allowing you to progress to next candidate in a timely fashion if necessary.  A letter from the Dean of the Faculty formalizing the offer is sent to the candidate after confirmation of acceptance of the offer.

Closing the Search. Notification that the position has been filled will be sent to all candidates.

New Hire Paperwork.  The new hire paperwork is required to establish the record of employment at Rhodes College.  The prospective employee will complete the following forms and return them to the Human Resources office on their first day of employment: 

  • Biographic information form
  • Demographic data sheet
  • W-4 Federal tax withholding form
  • College Handbook acknowledgement form
  • Payroll deduction form
  • Payroll direct deposit program enrollment form (optional)
  • Employment eligibility verification (I-9 Form)

Federal law requires verification of original forms of identification for the completion of the I-9 Form.  People most commonly use either a passport or the driver’s license/social security card combination.  There are other types of ID that are acceptable and they are detailed on the back of the I-9 form.