The Educational Program Committee


Membership. Five faculty members (one elected by each curriculum division, plus one elected at-large, 3-year terms); one student (member of the junior and/or senior classes, elected annually by the Student Senate); ex officio (non-voting): Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for Curriculum and Registrar.


  • Recommend to the Faculty general academic policies.
  • Review and approve significant changes to departmental and program requirements for majors and minors.
  • Make recommendations to the Faculty about the creation of new majors and minors.
  • Review and approve student proposals for self-designed interdisciplinary majors.
  • Report to the Dean and the Faculty each year about one or more aspects of the educational program beyond the foundations curriculum
    • The committee will consult with the Academic Dean and the council of chairs to determine which aspects of the curriculum it will undertake to review each year
    • Aspects of the educational program to be examined include, but are not limited to:
      • writing instruction
      • oral communication instruction
      • internship programs
      • senior seminars
      • preparing students for graduate and professional study
      • interdisciplinary study
      • study abroad
      • co-curricular and fellowship activities
    • These reviews will be based on information gathered from department and program chairs, from the Registrar’s Office, from the Office of Institutional Research, and from other offices of the College (e.g., career counseling, study abroad) as needed
    • Reviews will include:
      • a descriptive report of how the departments and programs vary in their implementation of these aspects of the curriculum;
      • an assessment of our overall effectiveness in meeting learning outcomes in these areas; and
      • a set of recommendations for continued progress in these areas
  • Oversee the Hill Presidential Initiative Grants.
    • Establish curricular priorities for proposals, based on the assessment work of this committee (described above) and on consultations with the Foundations Curriculum Committee
    • Review applications
    • Recommend to the Dean grant awards.

    Expected Involvement. Biweekly meetings are scheduled throughout the academic year. Ad hoc subcommittees may be established as needed