The following definitions apply to the policies and guidelines for appropriate usage of technology at Rhodes College.

  • “Rhodes computers” refers to computing equipment purchased with institutional funds as well as to computing equipment purchased with personal funds but authorized for and placed on a mediate or immediate location on the Rhodes network.
  • “Authorized computers” refers to Rhodes computers that have been inspected by Rhodes ITS personnel and certified as fit for connection to the Rhodes network in its configuration. Subsequent hardware, software, or operating system configurations of the same machine require reauthorization. Authorized computers must conform to the standards as posted on the ITS web site. Requests for exceptions to the standard must be made to the appropriate dean or vice president before a machine may be purchased or submitted for authorization for a network connection.
  • “Appropriate dean or vice president” refers to one’s corresponding representative at the level of dean or vice president. For example, students are to contact the Dean of Students, faculty the Dean of the Faculty, and staff their divisional head.
  • “Information technology services” refers to the array of services provided by the department of Information Technology Services (ITS) and includes equipment procurement, equipment support, user support, and system and account administration.
  • “Authorized users” (hereafter also “users” unless specified as “unauthorized users”) refers to individuals who may exercise the privilege to use Rhodes computers or Rhodes information technology services. Use of the Rhodes computers is limited to those persons identified below and is subject to the following standards of use: