Travel Information


Airline Reservation Procedures: American & International (A & I) Travel Service, Inc. is the designated travel agency for the College. Their website at provides information regarding services, booking on-line travel, current travel incentives, foreign travel advisories and much more.

  • Call A & I at the Poplar office at 291-1400 and ask for one of the Rhodes agents.
  • When making travel arrangements always tell the agent whether the reservation is for College personnel traveling away from the city, or for guests of the College traveling to Memphis.
  • A service fee of approximately $35-$50 per reservation will be applied to each full service transaction.
  • Rhodes’ required form of payment for travel arrangements is credit card. Rhodes does not allow direct billing to the college from A&I or any other travel agency.

Auto Rental and Hotel: Since the College carries rental automobile insurance in its comprehensive insurance policy, no additional coverage should be purchased when renting vehicles. All persons expected to drive a rental vehicle should be registered with the rental agency to ensure age and legal requirements of the contract are met.

  • Any accident should be reported immediately to the rental agency and the Rhodes Comptroller.
  • Our insurance requires that when traveling with multiple occupants in a Rhodes pool car or rental vehicle, a Request for Coverage on College-Sponsored Trip form should be completed and submitted to the Finance Office. All authorized drivers and destinations will be listed.
  • All drivers of vehicles rented for Rhodes sponsored trips must obtain a Driver Qualification form and submit completed form to the Finance Office before renting or leasing the vehicle. This form will be kept permanently on file in the Finance Office and will only need to be completed once unless there is a change in condition of the driver’s record (i.e., DUI, reckless driving citation, multiple moving violations, invalid license, etc.). It is the responsibility of all drivers to keep the College apprised of changes in license conditions or status. For those driving a Rhodes pool car, the Driver Qualification form must be submitted to the Director of Campus Safety and will be kept permanently on file in this office.
  • Rhodes prohibits rental of vehicles outside the domestic U.S. due to inability to provide insurance coverage. A waiver for exception of this rule must first be discussed and cleared with the Comptroller.

Group Travel: Contact the appropriate Dean or Vice President for approval of any Rhodes related group travel program or excursion.

International Travel: If traveling out of the country, all student-related programs must be cleared through the Buckman Center for International Education. Additionally, the Comptroller should be consulted to insure that each member of the group is knowledgeable of insurance restrictions in the region to be visited. Please see the International Travel with Students policy for more information.

Travel Advance: Requests for expense advances for travel should be made on a Request for Expense Advance form. The request is submitted to the Finance Office, along with a check request, by 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, in order for a check to be available on the following Friday. The check will be held in the Bursar’s Office for pick up. If an employee leaves the College without reconciling the travel advance with an expense report, the advance amount may be taken from the last paycheck or may be included in the gross taxable income on the employee’s W-2.

Travel Expenses Reimbursement: The College will reimburse reasonable and necessary expenses of travel for College-related business within the policies prescribed by the appropriate Vice President or Dean. The travel advance, check request, and expense report must be approved by the department head or appropriate Vice President or Dean. Because of budget limitations, it is often necessary for travelers to make necessary expenditures which cannot be reimbursed by the College. These expenditures should not be reported on the expense voucher and the traveler must keep his or her own records for tax purposes.

Requests to be reimbursed for travel must be made by filing an Expense Report.
Expense Report: Forms may be obtained in the Finance Office. Return the completed report with attached expense receipts to the Finance Office. If reimbursement is due, a check will be issued according to the usual accounts payable schedule and held in the Bursar’s Office for pick up or mailed if requested. If expenses were less than the advance received or if the trip was not taken, return the report to the Bursar’s Office with the amount of the refund. An Expense Report is due fourteen (14) days after returning from a trip. If it is not received, a payroll deduction may be processed for the advance amount received by the traveler.

Receipts for expenditures over $25 must be attached to the Expense Report. Examples would be airfare, taxi charges, car rental, hotel bills, meals, airport parking fees, etc. Report all tips as part of the cost of the meal, transportation, etc.

Transportation expenses are reimbursed based upon actual cost not to exceed the cost of tourist air travel. Personal automobile reimbursement is based on actual business miles driven multiplied by the mileage reimbursement rate currently in effect. The mileage reimbursement rate is printed on the expense reimbursement form and updates are announced by the Accounting office. The current rate in effect may be obtained from the Accounting office at any time.

Issuance of College Credit Card: Certain employees of the College will be issued credit cards based upon frequent travel needs. Any request to obtain a business credit card must be made directly to the Comptroller. All charges to this card must be directly related to Rhodes business. The holder of the card is personally responsible for the timely submission of travel expense reports and receipts related to use of this card. Cash advances and use of a PIN number are strictly prohibited. The holder agrees to be personally responsible for any personal charges or disputed amounts. Additionally, the College reserves the right to withdraw use of the credit card from any employee at any time.

Revised March 2, 2007
Revised February 13, 2006.
Revised March 22, 2004.
Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs and
Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs.